Monday, July 28, 2008

New Age Socialite

Old Money? New Money? No Money? Who cares! Today's Socialite is ALL of that! Who doesn't love to Party, Entertain at Social Events and Fundraisers, Travel, and Shop? Doing it in STYLE is what it's all about! And who says that Fashion is a Luxury? If you look good, that's HOT!

Where can today's Socialite go to Travel, Shop, and Party? Well it all starts at It's "Where the Beautiful People Travel". It's cool, hip, and the only place to visit online when you are planning your VIP Excursion with your Exclusive Group of Cool Friends! "Thai" it, you might like it........because, it's where iTravel -

See you at the Clubs!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

iTravel with

I am planning a Getaway with my HOT Friends, and where should I go? First things first, where do I book and do research? is an information portal for Nightlife & Travel. What a good start! Where else can you go and find the best Airfare, Hot Vacation Packages, Shop, Search for the latest Celebrity News, and book reservations at HIP Hotels around the world - is "Where the Beautiful People Travel".

No worries Socialite's! is affiliated with the biggest Online Travel Companies in the World. If you already book travel with Kayak, Orbitz,, Expedia etc. then you will love booking with It's a one stop shop for Travel, and it's cool!

With Rockstar VIP Travel Concierge Services coming soon....anyone with FAT Pockets will soon be able to Travel like a Celebrity, and have HOT Women or Men travel and party with YOU! Ibiza, NYC, Miami, Munich, Barcelona, Paris, Los's where iTravel - and is the place to make it happen.


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Rockstar VIP Travel Concierge Services

Ever wanted to travel like a Celebrity, Socialite, or a Rock Star?

Are you ready to recieve VIP Treatment like Calvin Ayre, Paris Hilton, Joe Francis, or Madonna!!!

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