Sunday, March 29, 2009

Five Essential Celebrity Experiences in Morocco

Sex and drugs first lured celebrities to Morocco in the swinging sixties. Jimi Hendrix and the Rolling Stones were among the first to arrive in 1966, and it was in Tangier that Cecil Beaton took the famous snap of the 'Stones by the hotel pool. Now that the sex and drugs are for the most part gone, the cheap filming costs and bohemian lifestyle keeps Southern Morocco's celeb quotient high. However, you don't have to be on a celebrity budget to enjoy the A-list lifestyle that Morocco has to offer. Here's a list of the top five celebrity experiences in Morocco with something to suit every budget.

Taking Afternoon Tea with Richard Branson

Situated high in the Atlas Mountains, Richard Branson's exclusive 'Kasbah Tamadot' is a world away from the bustling souks and medinas of Marrakech. The retreat, which primarily is a luxury hotel in Morocco, is everything that you would imagine a multimillionaire's African hideaway to be. At night, you can sample the culinary delights of its two onsite restaurants, but Kasbah Tamadot is also open during the day for a traditional Moroccan mint tea, served the traditional Berber way with lashings of sugar and sickly sweet baklava.

Enjoy your tea whilst overlooking the famous reflected pool and afterwards be sure to take look around the luxury hotel in Morocco with its individually decorated rooms and onsite camel petting farm. After filling up on sugary tea, don't miss the opportunity to take a hiking tour to a nearby Berber village, those of you with under-12's or after a more relaxing Moroccan holiday, will be pleased to note that there's also the option of travelling there first-class by mule.

Visit Yves St. Laurent's Moroccan Muse

Inside the walled city where pollution producing transport is banned, the optimum way of getting out and about is by horse-drawn carriage. There is little more romantic than travelling by horse and visiting the beautiful blue-hued gardens of Yves St. Laurent. This garden was often cited as inspiration for Algerian born, Yves St. Laurent's garments and his ashes are sprinkled here on the grounds.If you want to experience some Islamic culture during your Moroccan holiday, then return during the daylight hours and visit the Museum of Islamic Art, whose cobalt blue walls provide the perfect backdrop to Yves' Moroccan muse.

Above Par at a Course Fit for a President

Golf isn't usually the first thing to spring to mind when Morocco is mentioned, but yet many luxury hotels in Morocco aren't complete without their own golf course. Morocco is fast emerging as one of the leading golf destinations in the world, thanks to its perfect climate and stunning backdrops, and whilst new courses are opening regularly, Royal Golf De Marrakesh has been standing on the same spot since 1923. The course is situated at the foot of the snow capped Atlas Mountains and embellished by an aromatic blend of orange, apricot, eucalyptus and cypress trees. Winston Churchill, who described Morocco as 'simply the most beautiful spot in the world', returned to this golf course on now less than five occasions, he even brought American President, Ike Eisenhower along for a round.

Souk Shopping Sienna Style

With their fashionable take on bohemia, it isn't hard to see why Sienna Miller and Kate Moss are drawn to free-spirited Morocco. No Moroccan holiday is complete without fine-tuning your negotiation skills in one of Marrakesh's famous souks. However, if you're notoriously bad at haggling, make like Sienna and hire yourself her personal shopper, Laetitia. Laetitia fell in love with the souks during a family holiday to Morocco, and has now set up shop running a business that supplies Topshop with leather goods. Laetitia is a wealth of information on Morocco and with her knowledge you can discover hidden gems, such as a make-up shop declared a UNESCO world heritage site and the exact shop that Sienna Miller buys her bohemian belts from; she'll even barter the price down for you. Although if you're taking a luxury holiday in Morocco or are on Sienna Miller's budget, this is slightly less of a problem for you.

Staying in Angie's Luxury Hotel in Morocco

Back before Brad, and whilst filming Alexander with Colin Farrell, Angelina Jolie fell in love with Morocco. Her preferred luxury hotel in Morocco is Le Meriden N'Fis and it was whilst filming Alexander that her co-star, Colin, famously racked up at $64,000 bill. The hotel is located in Southern Marrakesh, a destination favoured by film-makers due to its low filming costs and scenic mountain views. The hotel is set in 5 hectares of gardens and the highlight for guests is the serene olive waterfalls, which have been voted the best in the country. With an overflowing swimming pool and 24-hour babysitting duties, it's no wonder that Angelina returns to this hotel again and again with Brad and the family. Via: Jane Wilkinson - - VIP Nightlife & Travel Portal, Weblog, and Exclusive Events!

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Abu Dhabi Hyatt to Put Leaning Tower of Pisa to Shame

Photo: RMJM Architects

Move over, Dubai. Your close neighboring city to the west is getting serious on their friendly competition for tourist dollars. Abu Dhabi is not content with their reputation as a business city in the shadow of Dubai, and to prove it they are having a little fun with their architecture and casting their own funky shadow.

Opening later this year is the 200-room, 5-star Hyatt at Capital Gate, which will not only be Hyatt's first Abu Dhabi hotel but will also hold a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. Oddly positioned as the "World's Most Inclined Tower," it will lean four times as far as the Leaning Tower of Pisa. It won't simply inch further than Pisa, but will blow it out of the water by leaning a heavy 18 degrees to Pisa's measly 4.

Because of the organic shape of the structure, RMJM Architects have conceived of making the panes of glass as diamond-shaped panels, each one different and placed just so to keep the illusion of a leaning structure. Don't worry about the wind and earthquakes with this one, however, as it's got all the modern precautions that the Leaning Tower of Pisa lacks. Via: JetSetCD - HotelChatter

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Monday, March 23, 2009

What to do in San Francisco @ Night

San Francisco is an interesting city. It's the thirteenth most populated city in the U.S. but when it comes to population density it's ranked second.

It's very expensive to live in San Francisco. The city's property values have escalated to among the highest in the nation. However, San Francisco residents have the highest income in the country.

Since it's so expensive to live in the city, middle class families have moved out and young, single, professionals have moved in.

To accommodate these affluent and childless denizens, a plethora of restaurants, nightclubs and bars have sprung up all over the city. In other words, there's a lot to do in San Francisco after the sun goes down.

Following is an itinerary to utilize everything the nightlife in San Francisco has to offer. During your trip, you'll tour several of the city's unique districts and visit many of the city's main attractions. It won't take long for you to realize that the "City by the Bay" is just as exciting at night as it is during the day.


As the sun sets on San Francisco, you find yourself standing in the SOMA district.

SOMA stands for "South of Market." This area is located in the eastern part of the city and is home to San Francisco's top art galleries.

As night descends, you browse through the latest exhibits at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (151 Third Street) and then at the newest editions to the Yerba Buena Arts Center (701 Mission Street).

Looking at art can make one thirsty, so you grab a cocktail at one of the many art-gallery-slash-cocktail-lounges. The Minna Gallery (111 Minna Street) and the Mezzanine (444 Jessie Street) are two of the most popular.

You can stay in SOMA for dinner, but tonight you're out to see as much of the city as possible, so you continue on to your next destination.

Of course, if you had dined in SOMA you might have visited the Salt House (545 Mission Street) for some excellent American cuisine or the cozy Fringale (570 4th Street) for their exquisite French faire.

And if you had dined in SOMA, you probably would have visited the Supperclub (657 Harrison Street) afterwards. This ultra cool club has patrons dining on beds and sipping pricey cocktails while watching Cirque du Soleil-type shows. It's a feast for the senses.


Your next stop is the Castro district-center of the city's gay culture. It was here that Harvey Milk, recently portrayed in the movie Milk by actor Sean Penn, opened a camera shop and began his political activism.

You're traveling to the Castro district to visit the historic movie palace, the Castro Theater (428 Castro Street). This theater shows new and old, domestic and foreign, and mainstream and independent films. It's also quite the social hot spots for movie buffs.

After taking in a movie, you might want to dine at 2223 Restaurant (2223 Market Street). This affordable restaurant is known to have some of the best food in the city. If you're not in the mood for American food, the Thai House Express on Castro (599 Castro Street) always receives rave reviews.

After dinner, you partake in some wine tasting at the Swirl on Castro (572 Castro Street). You not only taste wines that come from all over the world but you also browse their showroom full of gifts and wine accessories.

Next stop is the Bar on Church (198 Church). This legendary hot spot has trendsetting deejays, retro furnishing and a patio bar. It is the place to be when you're in the Castro.


You could hang out at the Bar on Church all night, but you have places to go and a rock band to see. You head north to the historic Fillmore (1805 Geary Boulevard) to catch your favorite band live on stage.

One of the cathedrals of America music, the Fillmore has seen legendary rock bands like the Grateful Dead, The Who, The Doors and The Jimi Hendrix Experience perform on its stage. Today, it books such diverse artists as Blondie, Eagles of Death Metal and DeVotchKa.


Wanting to relax after the high energy concert (and wanting the ringing from your ears to dissipate), you venture northeast and visit the Cigar Bar & Grill (850 Montgomery Street). You unwind with a nice Montecristo and some smooth Courvosier.

The Cigar Bar & Grill has a friendly, causal atmosphere and is one of the few places open late at night in the Financial District.


The night is still young and you're still thirsty. You venture down to San Francisco's Mission District for a little bar hoping.

The Mission District is home to a slew of great neighborhood bars like the Thieves Tavern (496 14th Street), Elxir (3200 16th Street), 500 Club (500 Guerrero Street), Delirium (3139 16th Street) and Gestalt Haus (3159 16th Street).

The Beauty Bar (2299 Mission Street) is decorated with the salvaged interior from a Long Island salon. The bar offers music and cocktails seven days a week, but Thursday through Sunday you can get a manicure.


Now that you're liquored up and your nails are nicely manicured, you decide it's time to creep yourself out. So you drop in on the Presidio Pet Cemetery.

It was once the unofficial burial site for deceased pets belonging to families stationed at the Presidio-a former military installation but since 1994 it has belonged to the National Park Service.

Currently, the cemetery is closed to new members, but that doesn't stop some grieving pet owners from secretly burying their departed loved ones. Of course burials at the Presidio now have to be done under the cover of night to avoid the wrath of law enforcement.


With the sun about to rise and a tear in your eye from reading Fluffy's tombstone, you stroll into the Haight-Ashbury neighbor for some breakfast.

After all, where else can you go when you reek of smoke, alcohol and dead pets but the birthplace of the hippies?

You grab a coffee at the extremely laid-back Horseshoe Cafe (566 Haight Street). And then you have breakfast at Kate's Kitchen (471 Haight Street). You had to wait for a table, but breakfast at Kate's is always worth it.

Since the morning is still crisp, you take a leisurely stroll around Golden Gate Park before returning home.


The San Francisco Giants play at AT&T Park (24 Willie Mays Plaza). The park is located in the SOMA district and is surrounded by a bevy of restaurants and bars.

Civic Center/Tenderloin is San Francisco's own theater district. There you'll find the Curran, Golden Gate, Herbst, Orpheum and Warfield Theaters. It's also the home to the War Memorial and Performing Arts Center, the San Francisco Opera (the second largest opera company on the continent) and the San Francisco Ballet.

Beach Blanket Babylon is a San Francisco institution. The zany musical spoof of pop culture performs at Club Fugazi (678 Green Street) in San Francisco's North Beach district. Now in its 34th year, it's the longest running musical revue in theatre history.


Regardless of where you start or where you finish, San Francisco is rich in culture, arts and entertainment. The city is well organized, easy to navigate and teeming with vivacious nightlife.

While it's possible to see a lot of the city in one night, it's also possible to spend multiple nights exploring just one neighborhood. For these culturally rich and fascinating districts make San Francisco a truly unique American city. Via: Mark Andersen - SanFranciscoSmarts - VIP Nightlife & Travel Portal, Weblog, and Exclusive Events!

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Gansevoort Turks & Caicos is Open and Ready to Rock!

While deals for the Gansevoort South in Miami continue to roll out and NYC's original Gansevoort wages war with The Standard, down in the Turks & Caicos, everything is sunny and shiny. This last weekend, the newest Gansevoort debuted on the island of Providenciales, bringing with it an Exhale Spa and the NY restaurant Bagatelle.

For once, we did not have to deal with construction delays and the usual hotel drama that comes with adapting a New York property, as the Gansevoort Turks & Caicos said they'd be opening in March 2009, and stuck to their word. Of course, it's not a ginormous property to deal with; the G-Vort circles its 91 rooms around the 7,000 square-foot, infinity-edged central pool and its "lounging islands." Although they boast of this pool, fear not for they will have the requisite beach access as well. As the resort sits on Grace Bay, you'll have the choice of a dip in the pool or a frolick at "Bagatelle Beach."

During this soft-opening period, and also since the Caribbean's winter high season is over, standard "junior suites" with kitchenettes and an included breakfast are going for $400, although expect that to shoot back up to $450-500 after grand opening, and rocket to $600 or more during next winter. We can't wait for some reviews to stream in on this property; we're dying to hear more about the pool scene and whether or not Gansevoort fans think it's Gansevoort-y enough; attracting some New Jersey party animals should take care of both. Via: JetSetCD - HotelChatter

[Photo: Gansevoort Turks & Caicos]

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Topless Tanning Comes to the Mirage in Vegas

Why are we so freaked out about this topic. I know, I'm a man and obviously biased (make that very biased). I get that and I'm happily willing to admit it. Now, that that's out of the way, what's the big wup? I mean, I'm in the Mediterranean all the time and they seem to have no problem with it. The last time I looked our European counterparts were a heck of a lot hotter than our oversized, fanny pack wearing, fat american white a***s. I mean, really. Tell me if I'm wrong here.

The weird thing about this is we seem to have no problem squeezing over inflated jinormous boobs into a bikini but god forbid we see a nipple. Maybe that's it. Is it the nipple we can't handle? I can't figure this thing out. I know, I know Im a guy. But, what about all those European women that have no charge with letting it all hang out and going au naturale? Are they just all floozies and we're the civilized bunch?

Well, which ever way you stand on this, it seems that the Mirage hotel in Vegas has spoken. They say "let's give the people what they want". They just opened up a super sexy private pool called Bare. Everyone loves a cool pool party, right? What better way to pass the time than bikini's and booze. The Bare Pool lounge is a totally adult venue (better get that out of the way before the puritans start screaming). Bare is the ultimate in poolside pampering. DJ spinning music mix sets against a hot sexy crowd enjoying European-style sun bathing secluded by towering palms.

Bare, offers an exclusive adult alternative to the typical Las Vegas pool experience. There are two ultra luxury dipping pools that create a break from the hot Vegas sun. Private day beds and what they call boat beds top off the ultimate in poolside pampering. They also have this really cool pitcher service, for pre-mixed cocktails, like Mojitos, Bloody Marys and Sangria that are served in this specially made pitcher that is guaranteed to keep your drinks ice cold all day.

The pool area is laid out really well. They have two decks an upper and a lower. The upper deck has an infinity pool, private VIP area that overlooks the Mirage's dolphin habitat. The lower decks are the elevated daybeds that are perfect for lounging with friends and sunbathing. These private cabanas have curtain walls and bottle service that give new meaning to "what happens in vegas....".

If your in Las Vegas it is definitely worth it to take the time to check out Bare. Girls- if you decide to chicken out at the last minute and decide to Al Americano as opposed to au naturale- I'm sure no one will hold it against you. Guys- if you go with your girl perhaps you could take the "when in Rome" attitude.Go have fun and let it all hang out. I suppose the slot machines are always a safe alternative as well.
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Friday, March 6, 2009

Beach Vacation Destinations in Europe

Countries in Europe are very popular holiday destinations. Either winter or summer holidays, Europe has much to offer. It has great beaches, temperate climates and good selection of resorts that cater to any kind of holidays you want. There are a lot of famous beaches all over Europe that are very ideal to a wonderful beach vacation. Here are some places in Europe with famous beach vacation destinations:

There are several beach vacation resorts in Spain located mainly along the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea. You may also choose to go to some islands in Spain located at Majorca. They are very popular and you will have a great beach vacation at a reasonable price here.If you don't want too much crowd during your beach vacation, you may choose to go to Cadiz. This golden sandy beach at Cadiz has a serene and rustic quality. You may also tour around the city of Cadiz and see its ancient quality from its local historical attractions, architectures and designs.

The Biarritz Beach at the Basque coast of France is sunny and has a mild weather which is perfect all year-round for those who want to take a beach vacation. Biarritz has a Spanish influence so expect a great cuisine and design in the place. There are also several attractions near Biarritz Beach that you can visit and local shopping places to buy for souvenirs. Another popular beach vacation destination in France is the beach at St. Tropez. This beautiful beach has a tropical weather that makes it a great destination for a beach vacation. There are also chic clubs for you to visit and enjoy at night that will erase the thought of boredom in your stay at St.Tropez.

The Larvotto Beach has a beautiful and sunny weather. This beach caters mostly to the wealthy and glamourous, making it ideal for a luxurious beach vacation. You can enjoy eating in its fine restaurants and have a great time at its classy clubs.

Most tourists that visit Croatia go to coasts especially along the Adriatic Sea. It has an extraordinary coastline and the popular beaches at Croatia are those at Sibenik, Dubrovnik, Trogir, Zadar, the National Park Brijuni Islands and the National Park Kornati . You can enjoy the beauty of the beach or go scuba diving. If you are yet to learn scuba diving, there are a number of beaches that has qualified instructors to teach you.

The small island of Mykonos in Greece has varied atmospheres that makes it good for any kind of vacation - family, friends, or romantic getaways. You can enjoy some water activities here or just have a relaxing time under the sun. The local restaurants here will give you the taste of the classic Greek cuisine that you will totally enjoy.These places are just some of the most popular ones for the beach bums. They should be on your list if you are planning to take a beach vacation to Europe. Cheap holiday packages to these places may be available. Just have a thorough researchonline for the best deals that will suit your budget.
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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Ibiza Club Scene

Ibiza comes alive after dark. Rumor has it that the best way to find the hottest spots is to simply walk outside and follow the crowd! Ibiza is sure to have a club that suits your taste. There are clubs that stay open until 7AM and there is even one club where the party starts at 7AM, for those who simply do not want to go to bed! Not sure where to start? Try starting at Ibiza Port. The larger clubs will usually have dancers and others at the Port promoting their events for the evening. You may start your evening on the terrace of the Port's Rock Bar. From the terrace you can watch the parade of club dancers as you decide which clubs you will visit.

If you like to party with the "in" crowd then the Mambo Cafe is sure to please. The cafe features a light menu and a DJ who will usually be playing European music. The Mambo Cafe is a great place to meet for drinks and to meet new friends. Looking for something to eat and a mixed drink? Bar M is said to have the best mixed drinks on the island and offers great music to dance to as you sip.

Want to dance all night long? Privilege is the place to start. The largest disco on the island, Privilege has the capacity for 8,000. Don't miss the largest party on the island! However, big is not always best. so if you prefer a smaller party try Amnesia. This dance club only has capacity for 4,000 and is open from midnight to 7AM daily. Amnesia is famous for its foam parties which are named "Espuma." During the foam parties the dance floor is flooded with foam which reaches six feet. Everyone gets wet so it is advised that partygoers wear clothes that they don't mind getting wet. The Amnesia DJ's play a large selection of house music.

Kilometro Cinco also known as Km5 is one of Ibiza's smaller clubs. Located in a country garden and featuring a great restaurant and good music, the club is slowly becoming very popular. In addition the club has occasional art exhibits which are starting to attract quite a following.

Want to check out one of Ibiza's water parties? Then you will need to stop at Es Paradis where the dance floor is flooded and dancers get to splash to the music. This will surely be a night to remember! Many of Ibiza's clubs close at 7AM but that doesn't mean you have to go home. You can check out Space which is located at the airport. Here the party starts at 7AM and runs until 4PM when the other clubs begin to open.

If you are looking for a quieter evening, you may want to watch the sunset at Kumharas. Here you will find a restaurant, a market that opens during the evening, occasional live performances and local DJ's. Cafe del Mar and the Mambo Cafe are also good locations for watching the sunset.
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