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Travel and Attractions in Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland which is located in North Island of New Zealand is the largest and most populous area in the country housing more than 1.3 million residents. With growing Polynesian population, Auckland is now a fast developing, modern, cosmopolitan area in New Zealand with a great mixture of culture and traditions. Auckland metropolitan area comprises of Auckland City, Manukau City, Waitakere City, North Shore City, Papakura City, a part of Rodney District and a part of Farnklin District.

Auckland is a city full of major attractions and thousands of things to do because of it’s geographical qualities and natural beauty. The west coast of Auckland is famous for its roughness and wilderness. Volcanic cliffs add charm beauty to these golden beaches when the stubborn waves of Tasman Sea kiss the yellow sand. Lush bush lines and preserved natural beauty of Waitakere Ranges are breathtaking and the experience should not be missed by anyone. The west coast shore line is gifted with some of the best scenic beaches of the world such as Karekare Beach, Piha Beach and Muriwai Beach which are ideal for surfing, fishing, picnics and even for barbecue on special separated area.

The Auckland sight seeing on a Harley Davidson bike is some thing that every traveler should try out. The route falls through scenic volcanic mountains, colonial villages and Waiemata Harbor. Visit Kelly Tarlton’s Antarctic Tour to get enthralled by the submerged natural beauty of swimming penguins or a Bronze Whaler. If the traveler wants to get a good look around at the city of Auckland he or she can hop in to a Sight Seeing Double Decker called Hop On Hop Off Bus for a ride. The exploration tour in to the caves of Waitomo is a memorable one and one whos visiting new Zealand should defineintly try out the adrinaline pumping New Zealand’s own Bungee Jumping.

Getting around Auckland to see these fantastic sites is a pretty much easy task due to the New Zealand’s developed, sophisticated transportation system which depends mostly on private transportation. Public transportation methods such as trains and busses are also available and because of its unique location, Auckland is also gifted with a transportation system of cruises and ferries too.

Langham Hotel Auckland is situated conveniently in the heart of the city and it’s full of friendly people and modern amenities. Langham, Auckland is crowned as one of the premiere luxury hotels in Auckland
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Monday, November 24, 2008

Spas: Luxury, Indulgence and Life

The term spa originally was associated with places that offered water treatment. Today, spas of various kinds are available out there, offering you a full fledged body massage according to ancient Ayurvedic traditions of India to a pedicure or manicure session at the town spa. From treatments to indulgence, spas have a prominent spot in all major tourist destinations. Spa holidays or spa vacations are actively marketed by travel operators and you can find good spa holidays with very little searching.

Today, spa is a general term and it can mean a health resort, a beauty care salon, etc. You can also find pedicure or manicure processes at a spa. One thing that connects all kinds of spa is the luxury and class. If the spa is for treating various skin or physical conditions or if it is for just a few minutes of beauty treatment, a pedicure session, manicure session, head massage, neck massage, shoulder massage or foot massage, spas offer varying levels of indulgence, which holiday seekers can't miss.

The attraction of spas is that, they are all stress busters. You will find the stress of the daily life and the toil of your profession are diluted and dissolved in a matter of a few minutes of treatment at the spa. Not all spas are built alike. However, the goal of them is the same –to give you some moments of luxury and comfort.

The oldest of all spas will be the mineral spas - the places that have mineral springs, like the springs that give out water that contains iron or other minerals needed by the body. Such spas were developed several centuries ago. People used to travel great distances on foot and on horseback to such spas, for their heeling powers. Today too, Ayurvedic spas in India, the spas in Thailand, Japan, China, etc attract people from all parts of the world, with promises of health and cure from various conditions.

Major hotels at tourist and business destinations also have spas. These spas can be of various kinds. Business meeting planners also look for hotels with spa facilities. They think they can give better value to their guests by offering a spa style treatment. Even a 30-minute session of hands-only shoulder and neck massage while sitting on a chair ensures some comfort and relaxation for the attendees. Similarly, luxury holiday seekers too find it beneficial booking a hotel with spa facilities.

So what will be your thoughts while choosing a spa? Is it just for half an hour of indulgence or will it be for some health benefits? It is also possible that you simply enjoy being pampered at a spa. Sometimes, as said before, you might want to give the guests of your business conference some good moments of relaxation? Before you book the spas, you can always do a research on the facilities available at the spas and how the previous visitors have benefited.

If it is time you planning your holiday or business trip, make sure you have access to spas, which not only gives you some minutes of pampering and stress-free bliss, but also some curative values.

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Friday, November 21, 2008

The Best Night Clubs in the World -

Photo: Bed Supper Club, Bangkok

Imagine the dilemma; a bank full of cash, a week away from that stressful office, a group of good mates and one huge decision. Where to go for that huge week of clubbing? Hopefully this should help you out as its aimed to be the definitive guide to the best clubs and locations across the globe.

The Big Apple is famous for a lot of things, shopping and sights predominantly but we don't always think of our trans-Atlantic cousins as having some of the best clubs in the world- but they do! New York has always been a great city for going out, whether you're after jazz, blues or soul. But it also has some great dance venues always playing host to big names. One of the newest ventures is 40/40, owned and operated by Jay-Z, with acres of cream leather, bright LCD screens adorning the walls and big names on the decks your sure to have a massive night hanging with the NYC celebs. But if that doesn't sound quite glam enough then maybe you should head to Bungalow 8, in a chopper! It really is the only way to arrive!

For something quite different, why not head off in the opposite direction? Why go West when you could be going East? Bangkok; hot, humid and hedonistic. The perfect combination for some great nights. Nothing is frowned upon here and anything really does go. Bed Supperclub is the trendiest haunt right now with an incredible structure and glitzy interior. Big name DJ's grace the decks most nights and Tuesday night plays host to the infamous hip-hop nights. But for something truly different, and why not when you've come so far, how about checking out an infamous GoGo bar? Fabulous costumes, scantily clad women and a few lady-boys make for a memorable night for the most hardened clubber. One Night in Bangkok may have been the name of a famous song, but one night really isn't enough! - Travel & Party for a Great Cause!

But when it comes to clubbing, one place has it all. Attracting over 4 million visitors a year from all over the globe, there is only one place that can claim the clubbing crown; Ibiza. Sun, sea, sand and sangria combine in ridiculous quantities to make Ibiza one of the most energetic of all clubbing resorts. Huge clubs and a season packed out with all the biggest names on the planet mean Ibiza just can't be beaten right now! Head to El Divino for the glitz, Space for the sounds and Pacha because it's the original, and many would say the best!

While in the Baleric islands why not go for a bit of island hopping and sample the nightlife in neighbouring Formentara or Menorca. With the same climate and easy going attitude to nightlife as Ibiza these islands also make great, albeit more low key clubbing destinations.

While in that part of the world the south coast of Spain and Portugal are popular tourist traps for club holidays. In peak season resorts like Benidorm and Albuferia are packed havens for clubbing tourists.
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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Celebs Hit Aspen Ski Runs

Aspen Colorado is one of the most popular ski destinations in the U.S. for a variety of reasons.

Resorts in Aspen have something to offer everyone from beginners to experienced skiers. They offer ski or snowboard lessons and equipment rentals for the convenience of its visitors who may be considering learning to ski. Skiing and snowboarding lessons include lessons in safety and skier responsibility. Trail maps, videos and photos are readily available. For your convenience, or just for laughs, they also offer on-mountain photos and live cams.

A slow start to winter caused some initial worry for Aspen as well as ski areas around the world. But December brought nearly 30 inches of snow in Aspen. Aspen's most skied mountains are Snowmass, Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highlands and Buttermilk. Each mountain has something new and exciting to offer its skiers. Most lifts are open daily from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. The Sky Cab opens at 8 a.m., Cirque lift opens at 10 a.m., the Village Express and Big Burn lifts open at 8:30 a.m.

Buttermilk is probably most famous for its role in the ESPN Winter X Games. Its 470 acres offer 21 miles of terrain with the longest run being 3 miles. It also offers forty-four gently rolling trails for beginners and family skiing. Buttermilk offers a lot of versatility and wide open slopes for its skiers. On average, there are only 4 people per acre at a time on Buttermilk's slopes and trails. This provides an excellent atmosphere for beginners and intermediate skiers who may not be ready for the more crowded slopes.

Buttermilk's base elevation is 7,870 feet above sea level with a summit elevation of 9,900 feet and vertical rise of 2,030 feet. When skiing Buttermilk you may see Winter X Games champions, Olympians or families just learning to ski. Buttermilk is open for skiing from December 8, 2007 through April 6, 2008.

Aspen Mountain has been a favorite ski destination for skiers since 1947. More difficult than Buttermilk, Aspen Mountain has steep, bump runs that run directly into the town of Aspen, Colorado. The mountain offers many well-known, well-traveled trails as well as less populated trails. Some of Aspen Mountain's best kept secrets are its black and double-black-diamond tracks that venture off the beaten path into a much less traveled terrain. On average, Aspen Mountain isn't very crowded at only three skiers per acre.

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Aspen Mountain's base elevation is 7,945 feet with a staggering vertical rise of 3,267 feet and summit of 11,212 feet above sea level. Aspen Mountain's 673 acres are open for skiing from November 22, 2007 through April 13, 2008.

Aspen Highlands is a favorite among the local skiing populous. The highlands offer simply breathtaking views of the surrounding Maroon Bells. Of course, there is a lift that delivers passengers to the summit or you may choose to hike the 12,392 foot trail. Aspen Highlands is probably best known for its steep, big mountain ski areas like Steeplechase, Highland Bowl and Olympic Bowl. It also offers a test of stamina in the form of the newly extended Mushroom trail and Child's Play in the Highland Bowl. Aspen Highlands has added an additional stunning 220 acres over the last two seasons.

Aspen Highlands' base elevation is 8,040 feet with a summit elevation of 12,392 feet at the top of Highland Bowl. There are 125 exciting trails in the 1,010 acres that range in difficulty from easy to expert. Aspen Highlands is open from December 8, 2007 through April 6, 2008.

Snowmass is Aspen's largest ski mountain at 3,132 acres. It offers something for everyone from beginners to expert skiers and snowboarders. Best known for its wide open cruising paths and family friendly activities, Snowmass has been rated one of the best family ski areas in North America. The sheer size of Snowmass nearly guarantees fewer skiers per acre. On average there are only two people per acre skiing Snowmass.

Snowmass' base elevation is 8,104 feet with a summit elevation of a breathtaking 12,510 feet above sea level. It consists of 91 trails with the longest run being 5.3 miles and the steepest run with a slope of 40 degrees.

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Florianopolis Surf Excursions -

Florianopolis is an island in the state of Santa Catarina state in south Brazil. Florianopolis island has 42 different beaches, most are quite beautiful and many of them have great surf. This article gives a brief overview of each surfing beach, showing its name, overall rating for surf, the direction of the surf break, and the type of surf break, such as beach break, point break, river mouth, etc.

Anyone who has visited Florianopolis knows that Praia Mole beach is the best year-round location on the island. Literally translated, "Praia Mole" means "soft beach" and is named so due to its extremely soft and deep sand. Praia Mole beach is centrally & conveniently located on the east coast of the island and is popular for its abundant beautiful people and great surfing. It is also popular because of its convenient location, being very near to the town of Lagoa da Conceicao, where you'll find a majority of the island's bars, restaurants, gift shops, grocery stores, ATMs, a gas station, and one of the best nightclubs on the island.

The surf on Praia Mole is known as being stronger than most other beaches, which suits the surfers just fine but can be dangerous for inexperienced swimmers during days with large surf. Surf can range anywhere from 0 feet to 20 foot faces during the winter months. For weak swimmers and children, the north end of the beach offers a protected cove where the water is always calm and swimming is safe even on some of the largest days of surf. On the beach at Praia Mole, you'll find a volley ball net, a juice bar, a VIP lounge area, and 6 different restaurants that double as beach bars. During the summer months (Dec - Feb) these bars will either have a live DJ spinning or at least have loud music because Brazilians love to dance whenever the opportunity presents itself. There always seems to be some action going on at Praia Mole beach.

Joaquina beach (just south of Praia Mole) is one of the best surf beaches in all of Florianopolis and is usually the site of the annual WCT surfing championship. The area surrounding Juaquina beach is environmentally protected sand dunes so there is no housing near the beach but it isn't far from Praia Mole so this isn't an issue. This beach is not one of the beautiful beaches since it is surrounded by nothing but sand dunes and a large parking lot filled with tour buses who drop off Brazilian tourists by the hundreds. However, the surf is great, especially during large swells. This is one of the few beaches that can hold its shape during a very big swell. When the surf is big, it peels left off the northern point.

Galheta beach, just north of Praia Mole, is also a great surf spot and much less crowded than other surf breaks since there are no access roads to it but it's just a 10-minute walk on the beach from Praia Mole.
Praia Brava is located on the north end of Florianopolis island and the surf is comparable to Praia Mole. Translated, Praia Brava means "furious beach" most likely due to the frequently big and rough surf. This beach is a solid 1-hour drive from Praia Mole, the town of Centro, and the town of Lagoa, which means it's on the outskirts of the island and not convenientle located for vacationers who like to enjoy the Florianopolis nightlife. However, if you're a surfer looking to hit some different surf spots, this spot will suit you well during a nice swell. This beach is not surrounded by jungle and wildlife preserve like most other Florianopolis beaches. Instead, it is packed with tons of hotels and condo complexes. Unfortunately, this area becomes deserted outside December, January, and February (peak summer months) because it is simply too far away from most of the islands nightlife, shopping malls, and restaurants.


Following are most of the surf beaches on the island of Florianopolis, Brazil. This should help you when planning your Florianopolis surf vacation.

Beach, Star Rating, Direction of Break, Type of Break
Armacao, 2, right & left, Beach Break Barra Da Lagoa, 2, right & left, Beach Break Boca da Barra, 3, right & left, rivermouth Caldeirao, 3, left, beach break Campeche Rights, 4, Right, beach break Canasvieiras, 3, right, sand bar Galheta, 3, right & left, sand bar Ingleses, 2, right & left, beach break Joaquina, 4, right & left, sand bar Lagoinha do Leste, 4, right & left, beach break Lambe Lambe, 4, right, point break Matadeiro, 3, right & left, beach break Mocambique, 3, right & left, beach break Morro das Pedras, 2, right & left, sand bar Naufragados, 5, right, beach break Ponta Do Rapa, 4, right, beach break Praia Brava, 3, right & left, beach break Praia do Forte, 3, right, point break Praia Mole, 3, right & left, beach break Riozinho, 5, right & left, beach break Santinho, 3, right & left, beach break - VIP Nightlife & Travel - Jetset the World, Make a Difference!

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Prague Cafes Beer And Castles -

Photo: Prague Nightlife

Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic is an extraordinarily beautiful city. Standing on the banks of the river Vltava (the locals generally use the German name for it the Moldau), few wars or natural disaster ever reach here and the architectural heritage has been beautifully preserved. It is also know as the "hundred Spired City" due to the many churches that adorn the city streets.

Much of the street plan, in as much as there is one is medieval and will come as a surprise (Hopefully a pleasant one) to anyone used to living in a grid pattern North American city.

The city still boasts many beautiful buildings dating from the baroque period; a sight lost to much of Europe that suffered so much in the devastation of two world wars. The canter of the city is a pleasure to walk around with much of it dating from the 14th century when Charles IV started the university and built the "New Town" area of the city.

Prague only established itself as the capital in 1918 with the creation of Czechoslovakia and remained under Soviet control until 1989 when the "Velvet Revolution" gently broke the grip of the failing Soviet Union.

Nowadays the city is a thriving Cafes, clubs and shops where the newly wealthy and the inspirational window shopper can keep themselves amused for hours on end with, with the boulevards containing everything from traditional Czech souvenirs to the latest hi tech modern electrical gadgetry.

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Unmissable Prague:

Charles Bridge: built in the 14th century, it was believed at the time that odd numbers were lucky the builders started work at 5:31 on the day 9/7/1352, very odd but maybe effective as the bridge is still standing today!

St.Nicholas Church: When building work finished in 1756 Prague had one of the finest Baroque churches in Europe and it still retains that position today. There is a huge painting of St. Nicholas in the nave and a wonderful bell tower. Mozart gave a recital here and there are still frequent classical concerts throughout the week

Prague Castle: Now the home of the president, it was previously the seat of the Czech royal family, it is surrounded by palaces and features an army museum. The changing of the guard takes place every hour and, as with some other European Capitals it is quite a spectacle, bring a camera.

The Old Town Square: built before the 12th century this is the oldest and most historic square in Prague it is made up of many interesting buildings including many from the baroque period. Many of the buildings are brightly colored and there are many pavement cafes where you can relax and watch the world go by.

The National Technical Museum: Although unimaginatively (though accurately) titled this is a fascinating collection of all things technical with everything from a railway carriage belonging to the Archduke Ferdinand, (whose assassination sparked the outbreak of the first world war) to a working reconstruction, you feel the need, of a working coal mine.

Vhsyrad Castle: At over a thousand years old and a former home of the Czech nobility this castle has an impressive pedigree. Take a stroll on top of the ramparts for a great view of the city and river. There is a wonderful gothic church a museum and a cemetery where the composer Dvorac the Author of the "New World Symphony" is buried.

Petrin Park: One of ther hidden gems of Prague There is a rose garden, maze and a gate to a well cultivated garden but the real sight is from the tip of the hill. Take the short cable car ride to the top and there is the Petrin tower, basically a smaller copy of the Eiffel Tower it is an outstanding viewpoint and well worth the effort.

Food and drink in Prague are both hearty (as you would expect in Eastern Europe) and affordable, you must try the goulash, and the beer is some of the finest on the continent, it is also the original home of Budweiser and they still make their own, some would say superior version. The hotels are more expensive than they used to be but are still affordable, look around for the best bargains, and the transport, mainly buses and trams is very good. Although English is not as common as in many parts of Europe a lot of the locals speak a few words and it is always worth asking directions, as they are polite and friendly. A visit to Prague will not disappoint but don't go in winter unless you have a good coat. - VIP Nightlife & Travel - Jetset the World, Make a Difference!

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Victoria's Secret Models, P. Diddy on Hand for Fontainebleau's Grand Re-Opening

Finally, the day has come: Fontainebleau Miami has its Grand Re-Opening celebration today after its $1 billion renovation. We've been covering this epic remodeling process for a long, long time now, and now it's only appropriate that the whole unveiling happens in spectacular fashion — which they've got covered.

Speaking of fashion, as you've probably heard, the Victoria's Secret fashion show (featuring Usher!) at the seven-story set around the hotel's pool-scape will be taped tomorrow (Saturday) night.

But on hand tonight for the official grand opening festivities: singer and song writer Robin Thicke plus "a surprise performance from a Grammy Award winning global icon" (who who who? Anyone know?) will be the entertainment. On the guest list: P. Diddy, A-Rod, Terrence Howard, Chloe Sevigny and Venus and Serena Williams. Wait — if A-Rod is coming, does this mean the surprise performance might be Madonna? Maybe?

We're not getting our hopes up or anything, but we're just saying...Madonna's presence would perfectly top off this amazingly campy ribbon-cutting ceremony:

Electrifying million dollar Ai WeiWei chandeliers will shine on a bevy of Victoria’s Secret Angels as they cut the ribbon on the Staircase in the presence of VIP guests, ushering in a new era of flamboyance at Fontainebleau Miami Beach.

"Flamboyance" is right. Once the ribbon is cut, guests can expect 1,504 new guestrooms (with iMacs!), 11 restaurants and lounges, a 40,000-square-foot spa with a celeb facialist, and a new oceanfront pool-scape with "walls of water" (with Premium Cabanas that start at the reasonable rate of $1000 a day).

Check out their newly-updated website for a sneak peek at the new rooms. If you're really gutsy, you can sit through the nutty Matrix-esque video with a voiceover that sounds like a cross between our yoga instructor and the lady who tells us where to turn on our car's GPS.

Looks like rooms are starting around $349 next week.

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College Students and Travel -

College students like to travel & they also do not mind leaving far away from home. While they have opportunity to take some courses abroad or else travel anywhere, and they will usually jump at a chance. How to get prepared for the travel? School itself will give you lots of info. You might also do study on web, & talk with some other students who already have taken same trip. While leaving country, you require current passport. You also need visa and it is significant to test if you need any shots prior to entering foreign country. Carry along any medications in original bottles and containers, which you might need to take with you. If you are having allergy, then bring medication in original bottle. Ensure that you use your phone where you are going. At times all it takes is call to your cell phone supplier to use phone abroad at lower rate. Ensure you have as a minimum one credit card, & call company prior to you leave so that they some to know you are going overseas. Make some copies of your passport & student ID as well as keep them in separate place. You will need to verify what type of weather to suppose and pack consequently. You need to verify with airlines before you start to pack your luggage. Discover if there are any weight restrictions & size restrictions on luggage. 468x60 Yellow - Search Hundreds of Websites at Once

If you use some brands of toothpaste and deodorant then you will need to verify if these are obtainable where you will go. Keep in mind that you can carry on about three ounce size containers in one quart-sized bag. Also you'll need electrical currency converter suppose you plan to use your personal hairdryer, electric toothbrush, hair straightener, etc., abroad. If you have international piece of equipment with double voltage, you may need adapter plug. The grounded plugs are particularly important for the laptops. Also small travel umbrellas & rain jackets are useful when the weather calls for that. Lightweight travel timepiece is as well a necessity. Lots of items might receive as the corporate gifts and they have company name and logo imprinted on it & is very helpful. Another good thought is to bring money belt, which also carries your passport. And these are worn under your clothing & protect your pickings from getting stolen. There are diverse models, which are worn around neck, over waist, shoulder, and over leg.

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Language translators and guidebooks are also useful if you don't speak language of that country you are learning in. Some of newer translators can pronounce word for you as well as can spell a word phonetically. Besides your travel accessories, ensure you have got journal to note down many new locations that you will see & visit. You may look back in the journal after some years and memorize where you have gone. You may also help other students with thoughts and places that you particularly enjoyed when in that country.

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Five Best Hotels in Amsterdam -

Located in the west of the country, Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands. Accommodating around 750000 citizens makes it the largest city in the country. Having a wealth of historic sites and lots of museums and art galleries, Amsterdam attracts 4.5 million tourists each year roughly 6 times its population.

If you are planning on a trip to Amsterdam keep in mind that it is a very expensive city, in fact it is the fourteenth expensive city in the world right after Vienna and Stockholm, but this does not mean that one should either refrain himself or spend a lot. Listed here is a list of 5 carefully selected luxury hotels which not only bring comfort but are within a reasonable price range.

NH Grand Hotel
KrasnapolskyWithin walking distance of Dam and Palace square, this hotel is a good place to stay and visit the central part of Amsterdam. It has 468 rooms and has been rated 4.1 out of 5 by its guests. It is near to most of attractions of the city such as National Monuments, Amsterdams Historisch Museum, Madame Tussauds and Red Light District. The hotel also has its own dock for boats.

Surrounded by two canals Sofitel The Grand provides the best place to enjoy and appreciate the famous waterways of Amsterdam. This 5-star hotel has been rated 4.3 out of 5 by its guests and although a bit expensive but is worth the expense by far. Although relatively a new hotel, it was actually built in 1926 to be a first degree marriage chamber. Some of its features are the Turkish bath and its famous Cafe Roux restaurant. The hotel has 182 rooms, a heated swimming pool and sauna.

Another 5-star hotel located on Prins Hendrikkaden right across from Amsterdam's central railway station prides itself on award-winning Vermeer restaurant and its prime location. NH Barbizon Palace is part of the NH chain which provides accommodation across 20 countries with excellent service and customer satisfaction. The Royal Palace is just a few minutes from the hotel among with many popular shops. Being near the financial centre of Amsterdam, it is the perfect place for business travellers with a high taste of comfort.

Housed in a 17 century building, the hotel opened to the public in 1999. It has 41 rooms and has been granted a 5-star rating. It has been nominated Europe's Leading Boutique Hotel for year 2008 by the World Travel Awards. Located in the very heart of Amsterdam it gives an extraordinary view of Keizersgracht, Amsterdam's most famous canal.

The last but not the least, Radisson SAS Hotel Amsterdam has been impressively rated 5 out of 5 by its guests. It's a 5-star hotel with 279 rooms located in the Business Park Schiphol-Rijk. The hotel has a top of the line fitness center equipped with sauna, Turkish/steam bath and physiotherapy treatments. If you decide to spend some time in this hotel remember not to miss the excellent Talavera restaurant and Rodolpho's bar.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Mediterranean Cruises -

All of the major cruise operators offer cruises around the Mediterranean including, P&O, Royal Caribbean, Island Cruises, Thompson Cruises and Ocean Village. They all have a slight variation in their itineraries however, they attract their passengers by offering the best value for money and providing different atmospheres targeted at different styles of holiday experiences. They all have various durations from short three or four days to the more popular 7 or 14 nights.

Luxury Mediterranean Cruises are also available including a 12 night cruise on the sumptuous Crystal Symphony liner operated by Crystal Cruises. The accommodation offered is among the grandest money can buy, with penthouse suites with verandas and separate seating areas to staterooms with balconies overlooking the sea and coast. The well known word 'posh' was first used as an acronym of the very wealthy when cruising, it stands for Port Out, Starboard Home, indicating that their accommodation had to be on the appropriate side of the ship, these wealthy 'cruisers' became know by the general public as 'posh' people! The dining restaurants on the Crystal Symphony are waiter service, decorated in different styles and unobtrusive themes, for a less formal atmosphere there is one bar and grill. Entertainment onboard is refined, comprising of piano bars and lounges. The ship boosts a computer lab and computer 'university', a spa, beauty salon, treatments rooms offering sheer indulgences in pampering, a well equipped fitness room, a pool and sun deck. This luxury cruise does not cater for children in any way, shape or form! It does however, cater for corporate events and is ideal for those who enjoy the traditional style of cruising.

There are many tour operators, and online booking sites such as who offer discounts on all the major cruise company's brochure prices. Discounts can be found offering a variety of different percentage reductions, free up-grades, free drinks and even a book one place get another one free!

Mini cruises are also widely available throughout the Mediterranean. Holiday makers in Cyprus can take a three night, two day mini cruise across the Mediterranean Sea to Port Said, Egypt to visit the wonders of the ancient Egyptian pyramids and discover the treasures of the pharaohs in Cairo museum. Mini cruises departing from Athens are also widely available, enabling passengers to 'island hop' for three days in comfort and style.

Cruise and stay holidays are becoming increasingly popular, combing a week ashore in Majorca, Cyprus or the French Riviera with a week onboard a cruise ship visiting different ports and countries in the Mediterranean.

The cruise season for the Mediterranean is from late April to October, however, cruising off season is usually considerable cheaper and while you may escape the crowds the temperatures will be much lower and the sea less calm.

For those who are new to cruising a short duration Mediterranean cruise is an ideal opportunity to sample life at sea before embarking on cruises farther a field.

The majority of Mediterranean cruises are fly-cruise holidays which bypass the Bay of Biscay and offer instant sunshine, however, there are some cruise companies who depart from and return to UK ports, which is ideal for those who dislike flying or are unable to fly. - Jetset the World, Make a Difference!

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The International Island Of St Barts -

The oddly named St Barts or St Barths is actually short for St Barthelemy and is a stunning French West Indian island located in the Caribbean. St Barts can be slightly difficult to reach; most visitors arrive via a 20 seater aircraft from neighboring St Maarten.

This has proved to be a drawback and a huge benefit to the island; its a drawback because of the inconvenience of not having direct international flights. However, many visitors feel that this is easily outweighed by the benefits of the island not being overrun by too many visitors. In addition, the lack of concrete over-development that has damaged other once beautiful, Caribbean islands.

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What is so special about vacationing on St Barts, can be best summed up by fine cuisine, both French and local, stunning beaches and coves, and a very exotic and defiantly French feel to the whole island. Of course, because of the French influence, everything on the island has that certain, indefinable chic feel that only the French can bring.

The French influence can be felt in all aspects of life and culture on the island, with French street names and French colonial style buildings adding an air of elegance to the West Indian laid back culture. The food is very continental, offering the highest quality ingredients and the finest French chefs. There is no need to visit Paris to explore the very best in authentic French cuisine, St Barts is not a pretend French food heaven, and it offers an absolutely equivalent level of the best French fayre.

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St Barts is unquestionably very French, but at the same time it also manages to encompass a very international feel, with high class visitors including A-list stars from not only America, but also every corner of the world.

St. Barts has an additional odd, international claim to fame, as it is the only place in the whole of the Caribbean that has a Swedish heritage. The islands capital Gustavia was named after a Swedish King, many streets have not only French but also Swedish names. King Gustav declared that the town would be a duty-free port, which it still is to this day, which is wonderful for vacationers looking for a first class bargain gift.

The harbour of Gustavia is truly beautiful and is usually home to some equally beautiful sailboats and yachts. Many cruise ships use its deeper outer waters to disembark visitors to this picture perfect little town. The local government has very wisely, chosen to permanently limit the number of ships that are allowed to visit the island, so as to avoid the town becoming over by day trip tourists.

Both the island's heritage and makeup of its vacationers is a heady mix of international cultures brought together in one idyllic island location. St Barts is a tiny piece of continental Europe dropped into the middle of the exotic Caribbean.

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Fashionable Sienna Miller -

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Sienna Miller is famously known for her starring roles in Alfie and Casanova. Her red carpet style includes ethereal, breezy designer gowns combined with a tangle of necklaces, an arm full of bangles, or some eye catching designer earrings, making sure she only wears one accessory to keep a carefree vibe during big nights. She also loves wearing metallic heels paired with glitzy purses to enhance her look.

During her casual days, she is like Kate Moss, favoring boho inspired outfits. Sienna can pull off the raga muffin outfit like it was haute couture. She became a trailblazer in making dresses over jeans, and tights under dresses, bundle of unique boots and layered jewelry a popular and hot trend. Her favorite fashion designers are Chloe, Missoni and Matthew Williamson.

Sienna is famous for her golden updo which she always wears with the lowest maintenance and laidback style. She can pull off a bedhead crimpy hair during casual days, while sporting a carefree updo during red carpet appearances. For her make up, Sienna wears her make up minimally and makes sure her flawless skin is the main focus. Otherwise, she uses a swipe of rosy lip gloss, a brush of blush and a smudge of Kohl eye liner.

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Her notable fashion quote is "Clothes don't have to be expensive". But always look out for quality. Invest in one really good basic rather than wasting money on five shabby tops" , Sienna Miller, in Italian magazine Donna.

Her basic rule is not to try too hard. Start with a basic sun dress, then just add tights or jeans underneath. And accessorize using beads, rustic belt or a worn in boots.

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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pure Nightclub in Las Vegas - Caesars Palace Top Club Review

Situated on the corner of Flamingo Road and the Las Vegas strip, Pure Nightclub is located inside the Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino Resort. This prime location allows thousands of visitors to travel through the grand entrance each week.

The clubs two story design allows club goers to experience the multi-dimensional aspect of Pure. The nightclub offers three separate rooms with a different DJ and sound system in each room.
First is main room with its elevated VIP area which is always bustling with club goers as well a number of celebrities that visit Pure weekly. The decor displays colors of white and silver that blends with shades of ivory. There is of course a dance floor in the center of a seating area comprised of large bed type seats.

The red room is directly adjacent to the main room and is a favorite Las Vegas night club VIP area that is sectioned off from the main room by velvet ropes. Deep red champagne colors accent the decor along with sophisticated draperies, upholstered walls, and worldly chandeliers. Club goers who visit the red room will enjoy the utmost of privacy in cocoon shaped private booths.
Above the red room and main room on the second level is the 14,000 square foot open air terrace room which gives visitors an excellent view of center strip. You will find an oval shaped dance floor along with secluded cabanas and ample table seating.

Last but not least, the Pussy Cat Dolls room is now part of the Pure night club Las Vegas experience. The Pussy Cat Dolls perform a hot stage show every hour for the guests.
If you are looking for a relaxing kick back evening then Pure should be avoided at all costs. However, if interested in experiencing night clubs Las Vegas style as well as rubbing shoulders with a few Hollywood celebrities and dancing the night away then make sure to put Pure night club on your list. - VIP Nightlife & Travel - Where the Beautiful People Travel